Winter Giant Spinach (Organic)

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Quick facts

  • Deeply savoyed, large leaf
  • Very hardy for winter production
  • Widely grown and adapted


Spinacia oleracea

50 days large leaf.  Best, most reliable spinach for winter production.  Giant deep green glossy leaves are deeply savoyed for maximum leaf surface area! Selected for excellent winter hardiness and productivity.  Spreading, rather than upright growth habit.  

Nice, mild flavor, harvest as baby leaves for salads or wait for full size.  Vitamin rich large leaves are easy to harvest and cook with.  Holds up well to steaming, stir frying, and cooking.  

How to grow it:

Direct sow up to 8 weeks before the average last frost or plant in late summer or fall to overwinter. Plant successively every two weeks to keep you in young greens, or give them more space to mature and harvest the whole plant.  Plant in August or September for overwintering and early spring harvest.  

Seed specs:  Packet size- 1/2 g ~ 200 min.