Sweetmeat Squash

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Cucurbita maxima

95 days. Heirloom squash of the Northwest, 'Sweet Meat' is taking over the country! Well known in Oregon for its bright orange, sweet flesh and sea green skin, this squash is making a name for itself everywhere by being highly adaptable; easily matures in shorter seasons. A family-sized squash, 15 lbs.

How to grow it: 

Direct sow 4 seeds 1-2" deep in large mounds 48" apart. Thin to 2 plants per mound. Harvest mature fruits before the last frost date. Cure them in a sunny, frost-free location for 2 weeks, then store them at room temp and enjoy at your leisure for 4-6 months!

Seed specs:
Packet size: 15 minimum 

Germination %: 90