Garlic, Vekak (Organic, Pre-order ships fall 2022)

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Quick facts

*Pre-order, ships fall 2022

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  • Hard neck
  • Purple glazer type, Marbled group
  • Rich, slightly sweet flavor
  • Great for roasting or eating raw

A rare Czech garlic with a rich flavor.  Purple glazer type hard-neck that will grow well in most climates except those with the warmest winters.  Colors are vivid in heads that are made up of around 12 cloves. Small to mid-sized heads are covered in pearly white wrappers that when peeled reveal the rich purple striping.  Storage life about 7-8 months.  Early season garlic, harvest beginning to mid July.

Originally obtained by Giving Ground Seeds from growers at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA.  

How to grow it:

Plant individual cloves in fall, Sept-Oct, root side down, about 2 inches deep. Cover with straw mulch to help protect cloves from deep freezes. Harvest when leaves begin to dry down, around mid-July. Hang to let cure for 2-4 weeks in a covered location.

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