Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Orders ship in 1-10 days.  Expedited shipping is available.  Current shipping rates are:

Standard (2-6 days)0lb–0.99lb      $4.50

Standard (2-6 days)1lb–4.99lb      $12.99

Standard (2-6 days)5lb–70lb         $24.90

Expedited (1-3 days)0lb–0.99lb     $10.00

Expedited (1-3 days)1lb–4.99lb     $16.00

International Shipping

We ship our seeds internationally, usually without incident.  All orders come with a tracking number sent to the customer upon shipment, and a custom's receipt which includes all the information necessary for many customs offices. 

However sometimes plant and genetic material, such as seeds, are rejected at customs.  In this case it may be returned to us, destroyed without notification, or forwarded to the recipient after great delay once certain questions are answered.  Because of this variability and the impossibility of knowing how every country's border operates in relation to seeds, while we do guarantee we will send the order, we cannot guarantee the delivery of any international order.  If the order is returned to us, we can send it again at the customer's expense, but if an international shipment is destroyed or undelivered for other reason, we cannot refund the order.  It is the responsibility of the international customer to be familiar with the requirements of their customs office, and if Giving Ground Seeds meets those requirements. Please note that our seeds are not sent with Phytosanitary Certificates, as inspection fees would be cost prohibitive for our small business.    
Please note information we have about rejections from some specific countries, based on what we ourselves have attempted to ship:
-Seeds sent to Germany have been rejected.
-Seeds sent to Greece are most often rejected.
-Seeds sent to Sweden are always rejected.
-Seeds sent to Ireland have been rejected.
-Seeds sent to Portugal are most often rejected.
-Seeds sent to the Netherlands have been rejected.
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