Who we give to

Each year we donate hundreds of seed packets to organizations and events that help people get growing!  

In 2022 we donated to Alianza Agri-Cultura de Taos, an organization based in Taos, New Mexico with the mission:  "To foster a resilient agricultural economy, culture, community and environment in Taos County through advocacy, capacity building, network development, community engagement, information dissemination, and infrastructure development in collaboration with local, regional state and federal governments, organizations and businesses."

In 2022 we also sponsored the Ogden Seed Exchange in Ogden, Utah.  The exchange is a non-profit founded for free and public education and interest in selecting, growing, saving and sharing heirloom and other open pollinated quality seeds.

To request seeds for your community or public school garden, non-profit, or event contact julie.givingground@gmail.com.