Customer Service

We want you to be happy with our seeds and refunds may be granted on a case-by-case basis. We do not refund shipping costs.  Because of the living and perishable nature of seeds, we can only consider refunds for seeds that were purchased in the same calendar year that the request is made.

All garlic and shallot orders are non-refundable.

Two exceptions:

As a small family-run seed company, we cannot refund any bulk or wholesale order.  Bulk and wholesale sales are final. A "bulk" sale is any size larger than the "packet" size of a given variety. 

We cannot refund international orders that fail to be delivered.  While most international orders arrive no problem, because of the nature of borders and customs some international orders will fail to be delivered. We guarantee to send them, but cannot guarantee their delivery and therefore cannot refund orders that went undelivered. 

Germination rates:

Germination rates are tested annually each December and only seeds which meet the Federal Seed Act germination minimums are sold.  However, most of our varieties far exceed federal germination standards.  If you have not grown a crop before, please follow the planting instructions as some seeds require light, stratification, scarification, specific germination temperatures, or other special conditions to germinate.  We do our best to list the optimum germination conditions for crops, especially those varieties which require what we consider "special" or unexpected conditions.  While germination rates are not published on this website, you may contact us to find out tested germination rates and dates for any variety at any time.

You can help keep the germination rates of your seeds high by storing them in a cool, dark, and dry place once you get them.  Take them out of hot or freezing mailboxes and cars ASAP!  Do not store seeds in the same room with potatoes or apples.

Cross-pollination disclaimer:

Our crops are all grown with isolation distance in mind to keep each variety pure.  For out-crossing crops, we only grow one variety in a season to ensure purity.  For all in-breeders and those in between, we strive to provide adequate distance to maintain purity.  However, due to the nature of pollinators and the fact that we do have beehives on the farm to ensure pollination, some out crossing does occur.  If a variety doesn't perform as you expect, let us know!

Privacy policy:
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