Corn, Unity Flour

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Quick facts

  • Diverse population
  • Large kernels for grinding
  • Shorter-season flour corn

Zea mays

100 days. Flour corn landrace developed by Joseph Lofthouse of Landrace Garden Seeds in Paradise, Utah. A landrace is a regionally adapted population containing more diversity than a traditional variety. Pastel kernels are great for grinding into flour, and as decoration. Large kernels on 8” ears.

How to grow it:

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


Not rec.

4-21 d.





After all danger of frost has passed, plant 2 seeds 12" apart in rows 18" apart. Thin to one strong plant per row foot. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks at least 5' x 5' to ensure adequate pollination. Allow cobs to dry on the plant as long as weather remains dry.

Seed specs:

Packet size: 80 min.