Tomato, Dwarf Russian Swirl

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Quick facts

  • Bi-color heirloom
  • Supar dwarf- our smallest tomato plant
  • Great for container gardens

Solanum lycopersicum

80 days, Determinate. Bicolor, tie-dye swirl of orange and red, this tomato is visually stunning and sweet and tangy! Regular leaf bush plants are super compact for small spaces and containers. Heat-tolerant plants, fruits range widely in size from 4-12 oz.  Flat, oblate, smooth tomatoes make delicious slicers with a crisp, complex flavor- a nice mix of sweetness and acidity.  

How to grow it:

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


4-6 w.

6-9 d.





Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before average last frost date. Plant seeds in sterile potting soil and provide 7-10 hours of direct light each day. Thin to the strongest plant per pot. Transplant 24"-36" apart in full sun, benefits from trellising. Tomatoes ripe at orange/red tie dye. Suitable for container gardens.

Seed specs:  Packet size- 30 min.