Okra, Lee

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Quick facts

  • Short season selected
  • Long, 7-8 inch pods
  • Dark green
  • Heirloom okra

 Abelmoschus esculentus

We are always seeking an okra that will produce well in our short season!  Lee is a great okra choice for shorter seasons as it is short in stature and produces an abundance of dark green pods quickly.  Pod maturation is spread over the season though, so you won't be overwhelmed all at once.  We were really impressed with this variety, and it even produced well in a record-breaking short season we had here in 2020.  We will definitely grow it again and again!

How to grow it: 

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


4-6 w.

6-21 d.





Lightly scarify seeds with sand paper and soak for 12 hours to enhance germination.  Start indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date to get a head start. Not frost tolerant. Transplants well, but can also be direct sown after last frost date. Harvest continually to keep plants productive. For seed harvest, leave pods on plant to dry down.
Seed specs: 
Packet size- 20 min.