Scabiosa, Merlot

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Quick facts

  • Excellent long stem cut flower
  • Wine-red flowers
  • The coolest seeds. Ever.

Scabiosa columbaria

This flower fetches top dollar at florists and farmers market, and for good reason! Tiny, wine-red flowers assemble to form sizable 2-3” flowers on long, strong stems. Very elegant. Buds and immature seed heads also have value as a cut flower. And are these seeds not the funkiest you have ever seen!?

How to grow it:  Direct sow around the last frost date. Cover lightly with a scant amount of soil. Thin to 12" between plants. Or, get a head start by sowing indoors 4 weeks prior to last frost date- 24-36" tall.  If growing for cut-flowers, may benefit from support to keep stems straight as they grow. Tolerant of light frost, especially once established.

Seed specs: Packet size- 50 min.