Popcorn, Nebraska Red

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Quick facts

  • Deep red heirloom popcorn

Zea mays

100 days.  Mid-season maturing, deep red popcorn with 1-2 ears per plant. Plants about 7.5 feet tall, this variety came to us from the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, who got it from Walter Bumgarner in the early 1990s. Bumgarner states that it was discovered and developed by a farmer in eastern Nebraska. We just love the color of this popcorn!

How to grow it:

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


Not rec.

4-21 d.





After all danger of frost has passed, plant 2 seeds 12" apart in rows 18" apart. Thin to one strong plant per row foot. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks at least 5' x 5' to ensure adequate pollination. Allow cobs to dry on the plant as long as weather remains dry, or harvest and hang to dry in a dark, covered location. 

Seed specs:  1 oz