Sorrel, Sour Leaf

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Rumex acetosa

Sorrel, or surele is the French word for sour, one French vocabulary word you'll never forget after tasting this lemon-leaf of the north.  

Sour greens to get your taste buds going in the early spring! Perennial herb which spreads and self-sows modestly, it will be up and growing before any of your other greens. Highly nutritious, this is a great addition to green smoothies, salads, or more conservatively as an herb.

Sorrel is from the plant family Polygonacea, which also includes rhubarb and buckwheat.  We find this amazing as the flavor of sorrel is somehow a combination of both- the sourness of rhubarb and the earthy greeniness of buckwheat leaves.  Other names for sorrel include spinach-dock and narrow-leaved dock.  Used in Vietnamese cuisine where it is known as rau, or Scottish cuisine where it is known as gowkemeat.  

How to grow it:

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


Not rec.

7-14 d.


Full to shade



Germinates best at 60-70 degrees. Direct sow 1/4" deep, thinning plants to 6" apart for young leaves, 24" apart for seed production. Do not transplant as tap roots are easily damaged. Harvest handfulls of leaves at a time, but leave the center leaves for regeneration.

Seed specs:  30 seeds  min.