Pea, Swenson Swedish Snow

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Quick facts

  • Rare variety
  • Swedish heirloom
  • Very productive

Pisum sativum

70 days, climbing. This large-podded Swedish heirloom is especially juicy, crunchy, and prolific.  One of our favorite finds! Traditionally used in Swedish creamed pea dishes. One of the tallest peas we grow, vigorous vines reach 4' + and require trellising.  Bears abundantly, especially when planted early, and thrives without much attention.  Vines left after production has slowed in midsummer will pick up again in the cooler days of fall, making for a sweet, unexpected autumn treat.  

Snow peas are a good source of fiber and protein and are popular in both East Asian and European cuisines.  We love cooking them simply- stir frying them in butter and salt and eating them with our fingers.  Leave them on a little longer for blackened snow peas, or add cream for creamed snow peas.

A bit of its story:  Variety is sourced back to Charles Swenson, who gave it to the Seed Savers Exchange to offer commercially.  His grandfather brought it to MN from Sweden in 1876. 

How to grow it:

Germ Temp

Indoor Start

Germ Days

Frost Tolerant


Seed Depth

Plant/Row Spacing


Not rec.

6-21 d.





Peas love a crowd, sow 1" apart as soon as the ground can be worked in spring. Plant 1-2" deep at the base of a trellis such as a fence or net strung between two posts as vines grow over four feet tall. Plants will bear longer if flat pods are picked regularly before seeds swell.

Seed specs: Packet size, 1/2 oz.,  ~50