Garlic and Shallots

High quality, certified organic garlic, both culinary and seed stock grown on our farm will be available on the website starting July 2020! 

Culinary garlic and shallots:  We have many exciting varieties of culinary garlic.  All varieties start shipping in August until supplies last and can be shipped anywhere.  

Seed stock garlic and shallots:  Seed stock garlic is larger, the best of the crop, and is intended to be planted in your garden. September-November is typically the best time to plant garlic.  All seed stock garlic will start shipping September 10th and will continue while supplies last.   Due to quarantine of allium crops to prevent the spread of disease, we cannot ship seed stock so some Idaho, Washington, and Oregon counties.

Something to look forward to... Varieties for 2020:

Shallots:  Dutch Red, French Grey

Garlic:  German Red, Pescadero Red, Korean Red, Brown Tempest, Inchelium Red, Polish White, Julius Starr, Idaho Silver, Red Toch, Transylvanian

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