Some Like it Hot: Heat-tolerant Tomato Package

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Had trouble getting your tomatoes to ripen in recent years?  Do loads of plump green fruit hang on your tomato vines at the end of the season?

The common misconception is that tomatoes love hot weather, and the hotter the better.  According to Purdue University though, when daytime temperatures stay consistently over 85 degrees, most tomato varieties have a hard time producing lycopene and carotene, the pigments responsible for the oranges and reds of fully ripe tomatoes. 

However, tomatoes vary by variety on their ability to cope with extreme temps.  Because we consistently have weeks at a time over 95 degrees, we have been on the hunt for heat-tolerant tomato varieties that ripen during our hot summers, not waiting until temps cool a bit in fall.  This package includes those tomatoes and is a great value!

Black Vernissage

Dwarf Russian Swirl



Hazelfield Farm Red

Ozark Pink

Illinois Beauty 

Eva Purple Ball