Greens for the Heat Seed Package

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If you're a gardener you don't need the news to tell you that the last few years have been hot.  We gardeners are on the front lines when it comes to temperature extremes.  From increased pests due to warmer winters, to plant stress caused by drought- the effects of a warming climate stare us in the face every day.

Fortunately, we gardeners are also the beneficiaries of centuries of plant breeding done by gardeners, farmers, and traditional plant breeders.  They have left us with an abundance of varieties bred to thrive in heat as all over the world people have needed to grow food in hot and dry places.  At GGS we are on a quest to grow and offer some of these varieties.  Here in southern Idaho, our springs and falls are short, and our summers are very hot- even in the best years.  That makes our farm the perfect trialing ground for varieties that yield abundantly in hot times. 

Lettuce typically loves the cool and wet of spring and fall.  Its a plant that tends leave the succulent green stage of its lifecycle- the stage during which we like to pick greens for our salads- and flower (bolt) in the heat.  This package contains our favorite, bolt-resistant lettuces, meaning they tend to stay juicy and tender in the heat and have the ability to delay flowering when stressed by heat or drought.

Anuenue Batavian

Aunt Mae's Bibb


German Hillside Heading Lettuce


Jericho Lettuce

Manoa Lettuce

Megan's Red Lettuce

Reaume Lettuce