About Us

We are a small family farm run by Julie Sheen and Tyler Pratt. We grow organic seeds, produce, and flowers just north of Pocatello in fertile Snake River valley soil. By using natural methods of pest control including row cover and diverse plantings, we keep our produce chemical-free. We strive to steward an agricultural-ecosystem on our farm, encouraging predators of pest insects through habitat which attracts them.

Seeds are sold at market and online, and we specialize in year round abundance in short season climates. All varieties are grown on our farm and are adapted to mature in short seasons, store well, or have some amount of frost tolerance.

Soil fertility is provided by composted plant material and composted manure from our animals, and organic nutrient and mineral amendments we mix ourselves. Minimal tillage and a winter cover-cropping program help us maintain our soil's natural excellent tilth. Animals are a necessary part of our sustainable farm system. We raise grass-fed beef, dairy goats, chickens, and honeybees. We love growing food and helping grow local sustainable food systems!


Julie has an M.S. Ed from Portland State University in Leadership for Education.  She studied English and Horticulture at Utah State University.  She has worked as a garden educator at the Learning Gardens Lab in Portland, Oregon, as Learning Gardens Specialist at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon, and at the Utah State University Student Organic Farm.  She has worked on numerous farms and gardens in between and has helped organize community and school gardens her whole adult life.

Tyler is motivated and inspired by the many challenges facing humanity and the environment,  and has been intensively involved in ecological design and food, energy, and water systems since 2001. With a permaculture farming background on three continents, a B.S. degree in Renewable Energy Engineering, and a M.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, his intention is to become a helpful farm designer, engineering consultant, and teacher working in the global water, energy, and food security nexus.